Online Security: Don’t Blame Apple or the Cloud

Yes there are things we need to be aware and this Slate article Blame Apple does a good job laying them out. Ironically given the title, the last sentence actually makes the case for not blaming Apple:

Apple will probably survive though. IPhones are so cool and pretty.

One commenter adds:

The thing is, I expect most people with iPhones don’t understand any of this, and use iPhones mostly because they don’t want to learn about it or be bothered with it.

Is it really that people are too lazy or is it that we teach people from childhood that it’s ok to choose the easier path. As the AI entity known as Agent Smith in The Matrix film notes there will be serious consequences for us choosing to have machines and programs do  our thinking for us.

Maybe a heavy dose of the Kobe method mentioned in the previous post is what’s needed. How would learning more about online security tools help you improve in areas you are passion about?