Connecting The Dots With DJay, Kanye & STEAM

This should help the last post make more sense. In the movie Hustle & Flow, DJay is a pimp/hustler in Memphis who is fed up with “the life” and starts creating rap tracks in a makeshift home studio to try to get out.  His sound technician tells him they need a better microphone to get a good enough quality sound that can get radio play. DJay is frustrated because he has no idea how or why the equipment works, but the sound technician insists so he goes to the store to pick up a microphone but doesn’t have enough money for the really good one. Again, not knowing anything about STEM he says:

I just don’t understand why I gotta pay so much more money for that microphone right there when the one right next to it look just like it but cost half, man.

Caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place, DJay falls back to his pimp resources to pay for the good mic.

It’s great that Kanye West doesn’t want to be constrained to the rap category and that he sees his future possibilities in the context of people like  Steve Jobs and Howard Hughes.Both of them had STEM backgrounds and surrounded themselves with great engineers. Their artistic successes drew heavily upon their STEM resources and successes. Perhaps Kanye will come to realize that STEAM could help him make an end run around the established fashion industry. He could catapult the emerging 3D printed fashion industry to mainstream recognition. To be clear, we need not wait for celebrities to embrace STEAM, we can identify and support artistically inclined STEM students and professionals who will create the next big successes in healthcare, climate change, education as well as entertainment.


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