The NeXt Time You Use iTunes Thank This Brother

Some of the key software tools programmers at Apple used to develop iTunes and other online applications were originally created by Jason Adams.


After leaving Steve Jobs NeXt Computer company, Jayson created a product called Notebook which was shipped with NeXt computers. He then developed a set of tools for building user interfaces which he sold to Netscape where they became widely used in the early days of the web. Apple incorporated these tools into a larger construction set called WebObjects which was used in the development of iTunes.

Jason is currently at CircusPonies where he developed Notebook for the Macintosh and iPad. Notebook consistently gets high marks for many of its features. It’s not perfect(what software is), but is a strong entry in the organizer/outliner category and has developed a nice  following over the years. It’s hard to think of reasons why Mac and iPad users of African descent should’t at least check out the trial version.

NOTE: This writer has no affiliation with Jayson or Circus Ponies