Programming Language Inventor

John Henry Thompson created the first widely used commercial programming language for multimedia applications. This language is called Lingo and is a part of the Adobe(formerly Macromind) Director authoring environment.  Interactive multimedia took root in the 90’s with the rise of the CD-ROM and is nearly ubiquitous today on the web.  Whether it’s product animation, music, video, effects, interactive multimedia helps you have a smoother and often more informative experience. While HTML 5 and Flash are more popular now, Director/Lingo is still being used today and is widely recognized as the ancestor of these newer technologies. JT discusses this ancestry at the beginning of this interview:

JT is very upfront  and mindful of his ancestry so it’s not shocking that the Lingo programming has an “ancestor” instruction used to allow programs to share or inherit capabilites from other programs.  When you create technology, you get to imbue it with your own terminology and cultural perspective.